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Kate Lineker - Freelance Marketing & Communications Consultant

Marketing, Consultancy, Design & Branding

Who we are

I am Kate Lineker, a Marketing Consultant based in East Sussex.

I have 15 years experience of working within Marketing, Branding and Communications, both agency and client side. I have produced multiple digital creative projects for clients such as Nickelodeon, BP, Barclays, Bupa and most recently for clients in the visual arts sector in the South East of England. I come from a traditional marketing startpoint working on Brand and Project Management for brands such as Le Creuset and well loved pet products. I have spent my career running successful commercial campaigns and website projects - I help you get to where you want to be.

What we do

As a Marketing Consultant, I bring my background of digital, marketing, brand and communications experience along with a working understanding of audiences, and the commercial need of the client.

Each client has a unique set of requirements and I work with them to define their needs and give them a practical plan for moving forward. My consultancy will help define your messaging and will make sure your customers/clients/audiences interact with your brand in the way in which you intended and convert their experiences into the goals you want to achieve.

Each client is is also at a unique point of this process and therefore my approach is bespoke to fit appropriately to this.

Having worked within the digital sector for many years, I have working experience of producing and creating rich media assets including photographic, video and graphic content, which I offer my clients. As well as this, I am able to offer website management from end to end website design, build and go live process through to the day to day running and maintenance of their CRM. I understand the importance of truly engaging content.

Who we do it for

I have worked with a wide range of clients from education to art galleries. I work with clients who may not have the in-house capacity to execute a marketing plan, website project, or band evolution. I love working with clients to resolve their problems, and leave them with a tangible outcome for change and growth. Sometimes all it takes is a little consultation.