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The Challenge

One of the most common challenges presented to us, is process improvement. There are immense amounts of business processes out there which are undertaken regularly and often have little or no structure.

How do you create a SaaS solution to manage processes from different clients, of different sizes, with different needs? Business processes are at the heart of how all businesses work and, with ClearWAY, they can be improved, automated, and allocated to client teams in a number of ways.

ClearWAY is suitable for all sorts of processes: everything from a property management company undertaking reviews of their properties, to a call handler being guided from one end of a call to another.

ClearWAY allows clients to manage these processes (known as "Pathways"), and gather information about individual processes as they are carried out. Customizable real-time reporting and analysis help them to keep track, and gain valuable insights into process performance.

The Results

See for yourself! Head over to to learn more, or contact us for a chat.

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