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Osiry Ltd

SaaS, Database Management

Who we are

Specialising in enterprise grade web applications and data engineering.

What we do

Software Development

Tech stack is based around proven enterprise technologies only (latest Java, Spring Boot, Apache Spark) so solutions are guaranteed to be rock solid, maintainable and scalable for many years to come. Clients can choose how your solution is implemented (eg. cloud native vs traditional) or we can advise every step of the way. Some types of projects we can help you with:

- MVP development

- Fully fledged web application development (will implement, deploy and maintain everything)

- REST API development to compliment your existing system

- Data pipeline / ETL / ELT process development (to feed dashboards, etc...)

- AWS cloud native development

- Microservices

- Containerised applications (Docker)

Data Pipelines

Our platform Data Pipelines allows analysts, marketers and developers to use Apache Spark, the most popular big data analytics engine, with zero code. It allows non-programmers to create data pipelines in a few clicks, then automate them to feed reports or real-time applications. Learn more at

Who we do it for

Companies (micro to enterprise) and individuals.