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GDPR Request Delays During COVID-19

If you have struggled to meet deadlines because of the pandemic, you are not alone. Business has been under so much pressure that the ICO, the UK’s information and data protection laws regulator, decided to extend strict regulatory deadlines. Previously they announced that they would take into account the challenges posed by the coronavirus when considering any formal enforcement action relating to data subject access requests (DSARs).

However, you still need to have the procedure in place to ensure efficient response and recognise them.

DSARs are requests people can make to your company for the personal data you hold about them. Even in normal times, DSARs can be tricky if you don’t have the necessary data protection knowledge and experience to tackle them. This is why Armchair Data can help you focus on the right things by:

  • Clarifying the deadline and best practice
  • Laying out a step-by-step process to follow
  • Explaining what personal data is so you don’t overshare or miss relevant information
  • Demystifying key exemptions relevant in providing personal data for DSARs
  • Saving you time communicating with the requester using our customisable templates and reports.

We want to help entrepreneurs and SMEs fulfil their data protection obligations and inspire trust in their customers, so their business can grow.

Learn more about how we can help.