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Can Chichester Copywriter Help With Your Press Release?

Whether you need to announce a product launch, award win or charity initiative, Chichester Copywriter provides professionally written press releases. Finding the right angle for your message, the right tone for your brand and the clearest way to communicate your offering, Katy will write a press release you’re proud of.

Writing press releases: 3 A’s

  1. Angle – Every press release must have a hook – something to interest the media, their readers and your customers. Simply announcing that you have a new product is great but so what? What value will this add to your customer’s lives or the local community? What’s ground-breaking about it? Does it involve new technology or is it eco-friendly? Create a hook and reel them in.
  2. Awaken – There are too many flat and feckless press releases flailing around out there so yours should stand out from the crowd and really say Chichester Copywriter can use the skill of persuasive writing to evoke the readers’ senses, engage their interest and present your brand/product/service in the best light possible.
  3. Articulate – As with all business communications, your press release needs to let your target readers know what’s new with you and what you can offer them in the clearest way possible. A press release should be factual, concise and highlight the key points that’s easy for skim-readers to process. An expert in SEO copywriting for websites and blog posts, Katy knows how to write for an info-hungry, time-poor audience.

SEO copywriting for press releases

Talking of SEO, as many press releases will be published online, they need to at least consider the likes and dislikes of search engines. While your press release will feature keywords such as your business name, location and products/services, it’s worth having a list of SEO keywords and keyword phrases that can also add value. These shouldn’t be awkwardly wedged to make your sentences unbearably unreadable. Instead, they should be skillfully and naturally woven throughout your press release so more of your core customers and prospects can discover the good stuff your business is doing.

Press releases for businesses in West Sussex, Oxford and Devon 

  • Brittain Limited – Moving offices to accommodate team growth while many were in a state of coronavirus-crisis, this Chichester SME announced that they were more ready than ever to help their clients’ businesses grow.
  • Brighthelm House – Not only did this boutique Devon B&B want to announce winning the award of AA Unique B&B of the Year but they also wanted to tease readers that they would soon be featured in Channel 4’s hit TV show 4 Four in a BedWritten by Katy while working with Jelly Digital Marketing.
  • AWBS – This Oxford-based building supplies company had been collaborating with Mencap to provide work opportunities for over one year. As a result of this collaboration with the learning disability charity, they helped at least

Contact Chichester Copywriter for your press release pleasure

Whatever your announcement, whatever your business and wherever you’re located, Chichester Copywriter has your press release requirements covered. Focusing on a winning angle, persuasive writing that will awaken the senses and articulate professional copywriting, your press release will be a marketing masterpiece. Contact Katy today for a free press release consultation.