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Audio Production

Who we are

Synth Explorer, Renoiser, Potential VJ, Max4Live Programmer, Sample Maker, MIDI Idiot, Community Music Maker, Graphic Designer, Interview Man, Film Fan, Sky Watcher, Photo Chap, Own Worst Enemy.

What we do

Software Development, Sample Pack Creation, Online Promotion, Hardware Construction, Audio Demos, Marketing, Product Testing, Preset Making, Programming, Audio Editing, Scripting, SEO, Copyrighting, Foley Recordings and Music Production.

Who we do it for

I've worked for Loopmasters, Novation, F9 Audio, PreSonus, Future Music, MixVibes, PluginBoutique, Tindie, Dubreq, Computer Music, Renoise, Akai, RV Samplepacks and others.