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Have you left a ‘good enough’ data solution in place for too long?

How are you handling your internal business data?

In recent months, the COVID 19 test-and-trace task force temporarily mislaid some 16,000 test results - because they were using an old version of Excel.

Common research suggests that up to 60% of all spreadsheets have mistakes, or contain miscast errors. If more than one person enters data, this error rate can reach up to 80%.

Have you ever kept a process in place for years because it seemed 'good enough for now'?

A common mistake some businesses use is opting for Excel, rather than a constructed database. Often, this is because it has some great graphics and analytical tools such as pivot tables. But if the base data is not reliable, the attractive graphics and  analysis will be equally unreliable. 

The PowerBI tool set from Microsoft now enables everybody to manipulate the data within a database just as easily as you can with Excel since it is broadly built around the same toolsets. 

Is your team making similar mistakes with data that is vital to your business? 

If you would like us to have a look at how you are handling your data, or other parts of the business if we are already working with you, we would be delighted to talk to you about it.