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Database Management, Systems Integration, e-Commerce

Client testimonials

  • We could never have grown without this highly bespoke and efficient software in the back office to support our collections, contracts, invoicing, credit control and waste reports. It is a fabulous system, I love it - it’s great.

    TheDevTeam at a glance: GOOD BUNCH OF GUYS - Founder RICHARD MEHMED, August 2020

  • Steve and the team are always open to interpret my ideas and tweak them for the best outcomes, which is very helpful. We have stayed with TheDevTeam over 15 years, across 3 iterations of our members' website and appreciate how it positions us as leaders in the industry, to showcase the ways we improve standards, influence legislation and reflect the needs of our membership.

    TheDevTeam at a glance: RELIABLE, OPEN, HELPFUL
    NATIONAL SEWERAGE ASSOCIATION - - Val Gibbins, Secretary - August 2020

  • If you are looking for a .NET developer to fully understand the mechanics of your site and implement their in-depth knowledge, TheDevTeam are a go-to for any kind of consumer site that uses the .NET platform. We enjoy having a dedicated developer manager, and appreciate the overall efficiency of ‘anytime’ problem-solving (involving a 6am phone call on one occasion!)

    Unique magazines - MD, John Porrett - August 2020