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Rob Tyler

Web Design & Development, Project Management

Who I am

I have over 25 years experience in software development, the majority of which has been in PHP web development. I enjoy coding, but much more, working alongside people, getting stuck into projects and delivering a solution for a company that positively changes their business. I can write the code you need or run your web development project.

What I do

Having previously worked for companies, I'm looking for freelancing opportunities in web development or web project management. As a developer, ny main skills are in PHP development under frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel. I do front-end development too. I have lead teams previously and managed large projects so am happy to get involved in projects that may require experience and organisation.

Who I do it for

I like to be really flexible in the way I work, but remain organised and keep communication open and clear. I've worked for large multi-national corporates and small digital marketing agencies, so am happy to consider working with anyone who may be able to employ my skills.