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Inkibit Immersive

VR/AR/Mixed Reality, Consultancy, Research & Planning

Who we are

We are a female-led, UK based collective of creative technologists, artists, designers, developers, and producers working out of the Fusebox in Brighton with extensive experience in playfully and rapidly developing projects together using immersive VR and AR technologies. We are an irreverent and agile bunch of like-minded professionals who love to get stuck into ideas, alternate realities, and immersive technology with equal enthusiasm, incubating those ideas in others and sharing what we learn.

What we do

We research and develop our own tools, ideas and projects and keep on the cutting edge by collaborating and experimenting with the extensive immersive network of companies, groups and university researchers around Brighton and London, as well as harnessing the technology resources, space and community of the Fusebox in Brighton where we are building open source tools that grow and change with us.

We undertake design and project development strategy consultancy, events and technical training. We run discovery sessions, workshops, game jams, hacks and other events, early-stage prototyping of immersive ideas into virtual spaces, games, toys, products or experiences.

Who we do it for

We work with creative practitioners and cultural institutions in the galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM) sector, particularly those working with marginalised or under-represented groups. We also work with individual creatives and organisations exploring subjects and issues on the messy edge.

Immersive is a growing, fast-changing and still young digital media and technology. The COVID pandemic has accelerated its adoption by cultural groups, conferences and festivals allowing audiences to connect virtually, to access material and share knowledge.

Many creatives and funded organisations and charities who want to participate in immersive don’t have the knowledge of what can be achieved with a small budget and often have limited experience of the technology itself.

Considered expensive and exclusive and inaccessible arena, groups undergo extensive idea development and pitching rounds without having much opportunity to play and explore the creative, multidimensional magic of the medium and to allow it to inform the creative ideas going forwards as a baked-in part of their funding strategy.

There is an identified need to work with people in the very early stages to explore the possibilities, encourage play and curiosity, share skills whilst allowing the collective to continue researching and developing its own ideas and tooling to democratise production among under-represented groups.

We believe people want to work with us because we aim to empower them to be part of the conversation and process not just producers of predefined ideas.