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Web Alchemy

Web Design & Development, Design & Branding

Who we are

Founded by Helen Diplock in 2018, I have taken a passion for great design, a love of working with clients and delving deep into their business, coupled with a desire to ease the workload on my clients. I work with a range of trusted and skilled freelancers, to deliver the perfect website for clients. Based in Eastbourne, with clients locally, in London and across the UK.

What we do

Through taking my 20 years experience of problem identification and solving, of working with clients, of understanding users - combined with my love of working with people and creating beautiful websites - Web Alchemy offers clients a website that is both beautiful and functional. We start with a really in depth understanding of your business and your clients, and design from there.

We never start from a template. Our work is not generic. It’s deeply personal to your brand, and to your clients.

The results speak for themselves. Clients who have sales within hours of their site going, or who suddenly have fully automated client onboarding, or who are able to pivot their offering to go fully online when Covid hit.

Who we do it for

Micro and small business, both B2B and B2C clients.