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Hove Capital Limited

Programming, App Development, Web Design & Development

Who we are

Founded in 2020, Hove Capital's core principles are bringing high quality software development to clients in a world where finding the right technical partner can be tricky.

We take a value first approach, showing you what we can do so you can be sure of our capabilities.

What we do

Web Development

We go far beyond basic sites, building in a large range of technologies including React, NextJs, Firebase, TypeScript, Flutter and Java, We don't use theme builders and will not build with WordPress unless it's justified for your requirements.

App Development

We have built a large number of MVP's and production Apps, targeting both IOS and Android platforms natively.

Contract Work

Available for contract work, get your projects delivered to specification, reliably & fast. We are setup as a turnkey solution.

Who we do it for

It can be frustrating to find the ideal technology partner to see your project though, we have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt. Extensive experience in enterprise, freelance and startups mean we can keep your project going in the right direction.