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Enhancico Limited

Consultancy, Project Management, Business Services

Who we are

I'm Simon Brand! My company is called Enhancico Limited. I'm an ex-techie who transitioned to senior leadership roles. I've spent 25 years in broadcast and technology organisations including a startup and a multinational. I'm now running my own business providing mentoring and support to ambitious StartUps and ScaleUps in the Tech and Media sectors.

What we do

Growth with fewer growing pains! Enhancico is all about helping ambitious Founders of StartUps and ScaleUps in the Technology and Media sectors. Faster growth, more success and less stress.

To truly excel, StartUps require a wide range of skills and it's almost impossible to get everything needed in-house in a small team. Not having the right skills can cause worry and stress, slow you down, and limit your potential. By working with me, my Customers can get access to a wide range of skills that get them where they need go faster and with more confidence. And because I'm an ex-techie, I can really speak their language!


I work either as a mentor, or on specific topic-based deliverables. Here's a selection of what I offer:

-Multi-year budgeting to inform your business plan

-Detailed development & project costings that reduce risk

-Financial modelling to understand payback

-Reducing risk ahead of investment

-Resourcing & building a team that delivers

-Trouble shooting when you're struggling

Who we do it for

I work with technical Founders of ambitious StartUps and ScaleUps, all the way from early stage businesses to those in a post-investment growth phase.

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