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Enhancico Limited

Consultancy, Project Management, Business Services

Who we are

I'm Simon Brand. I'm a small business consultant. My company is called Enhancico Limited. I've spent 25 years in broadcast and technology organisations including a startup and a multinational. I'm now running my own consultancy.

What we do

I help startups and small businesses to start, improve, and grow, through practical hands-on support and advice:

Starting Up:

Getting you started when the first few steps don’t seem obvious

Helping you to build credible and detailed plans and budgets

Modelling potential financial returns to give you confidence your ideas can work

Improving & Optimising:

Helping you to understand what your costs and profits really tell you

Exposing the numbers that really matter so you can make well informed decisions

Building and costing improvement plans to deliver your ideas

Growing & Expanding:

Modelling costs and potential revenues your expansion could drive, to give you confidence

Analysing how best to deliver expansion with the minimal impact on your current Customers

Supporting you to professionally manage your projects with less risk and more certainty

Who we do it for

I work with small businesses including startups, scaleups, and solopreneurs.

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