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Enhancico Limited

Consultancy, Project Management, Business Services

Who we are

I'm Simon Brand! My company is called Enhancico Limited. I've spent 25 years in broadcast and technology organisations including a startup and a multinational. I'm now running my own business providing mentoring and support to ambitious StartUps and ScaleUps in the Tech and Media sectors.

What we do

Growth with fewer growing pains! Enhancico is all about helping ambitious Founders of Technology or Media StartUps and ScaleUps grow and deliver more successfully and with fewer growing pains.

From early stages to investable StartUps, through to funded ScaleUps delivering major growth.

It’s about reducing the stress and helping you get to grips with the nuts and bolts of running an effective and growing business that you care passionately about. It’s about assisting you to understand and manage risk as the bets get bigger. It’s about supporting you to build teams with the right skills and the right dynamic to make a truly effective organisation that can deliver at scale. And it’s about helping you to transition as a leader, where you’re no longer at the centre of every sale or every line of code but still doing something you love in a business that really delivers.

Enhancico can help you with super practical hands-on support to get critical tasks like planning, costing and modelling, or systems and processes, sorted. But it’s also about having the time and space to candidly talk through the challenging topics that keep you awake at night and stand in the way of the business growth you really want to achieve.

You’re doing something truly fantastic but give yourself a break and get some support from someone that really speaks your language.


I work either as a Mentor or on specific topic-based deliverables:

Project planning & costing

Business planning & multi-year budgets

Implementing active risk management

Building effective teams

Using sales forecasts to identify operational impact

Financial modelling

Trouble shooting

Budget and financial forecast creation

System and process implementation

Who we do it for

I work with technical Founders of ambitious StartUps and ScaleUps, all the way from early stage businesses to those in a post-investment growth phase.

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