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Enhancico Limited

Consultancy, Project Management, Business Services

Who we are

I'm Simon Brand. I'm a business improvement consultant for small businesses. My company is called Enhancico Limited. I've spent 25 years in broadcast and technology organisations including a startup and a multinational. I'm now running my own consultancy.

What we do

I help you shine a bright light on the numbers in your business, most importantly time, price, profit, and cost. Then, with the detail exposed; planning, costing and delivering changes that make your business better. Whether you’re just starting out, wanting to improve, or looking to expand, I can help you build a better business.


Creating powerful but easy to understand financial models to explain what’s really going on in your business. Your bespoke model will give you fascinating insights into the things you care about most and tell you where to focus your improvements.

Producing proper project plans and phased costings for your business improvement ideas so you can kick-off with clarity and comfort.

Identifying the key milestones on your delivery path, and devising metrics that let you measure the impact of your improvements as you go, so you know for sure that your business improvements are track.

Who we do it for

I work with small businesses including startups, scaleups, and solopreneurs.

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