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Will Jewell


'Concrete Plans' Interactive Trailer

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The Challenge

The film turns on a pivotal scene midway in which rather than all five taking the drop for a horrific crime, a hand of cards is proposed in which the loser takes the blame for everyone. A 4 in 5 chance of freedom. Would you take it...?

Brighton-based Fractured Films and Perfect Motion through the Magnifier scheme created a branching-narrative interactive trailer in conjunction with Talespinners, which combined the drama of the scene with an online cards gameplay mechanic.

The Film-Wales backed cast includes Kevin Guthrie (Sunshine on Leith), Steve Speirs (Extras), James Lance (Bronson), Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher) with Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) having crafted a stunning score.

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The Results

The Beta-version of the interactive trailer can be viewed here: This is an early sneak peek as it is launched this week ahead of the film's UK-wide release on Monday 23rd November.

The film was described by The Hollywood News as "one of the most exciting thrillers in years" and the official trailer is here:

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