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Naurt Limited

SaaS, Internet of Things

Who we are

A team of super bright, agile innovators who have spent 2 years building our amazing high-precision tracking solution. Likely one of the most exciting start ups in Brighton currently. Well funded, high energy and hugely ambitious. If you want to know more, get in touch.

Naurt is an ambitious, agile and disruptive software company. What we do is groundbreaking using AI, Blockchain, Machine learning, and Neural Networks. It's exciting, and we are having fun doing it.

What we do

The Next GPS.

150 Times More Accurate

Naurt is a plug-and-play toolkit for high-precision, beacon-free tracking. This solution works anywhere in the world, both indoors and outdoors.

Who we do it for

The use cases are unlimited. See clients on our website

Software developers use our API to make a significant difference.