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Copywriting and the Fraction Method

My favourite scene in Jurassic Park is the infamous cup of rippling water.

It’s a powerful example of ‘fraction method’ whereby small and secondary details take centre stage to capture our emotions.

The whole method is built on the premise our imagination has the power to make us feel something far beyond any drawn-out scene of violence, joy or hope.

Instead of spoiling our curiosity with tons of information, we’re given the bare minimum, causing our minds to wander off and fill in the blanks.

🤔That’s all lovely stuff, Tom. But what’s this got to do with copywriting?

I’m not saying anything new here, but a great starting point for powerful copy is to look at things from another angle.

Instead of leading with tyrannosaurus-sized walls of copy that says nothing, find that little something about your product or service that makes you unignorable.

Find your own cup of rippling water.