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Who we are

Hello, how’s it going? I’m Tom, a freelance copywriter based in Brighton and Hove.

I help SMEs get visible by delivering professional copy that’s loaded with words that pop, words that get heads nodding, and words that’ll keep your competitors turning in their sleep.

Known to some as Mr Davies, I have a background as an English lecturer. That means your copy is in safe hands. It also means I’m quite handy in a pub quiz literature round.

Speaking of rounds…it’s your shout, isn’t it?

So, why choose me?

1. A satchel full of chalk sticks, detention slips, and creativity

Flaunting in my tweed blazer with faux leather elbow patches, I’ve shown hundreds of students the power of words.

Verbs to get pulses raising, adjectives to get adrenaline racing, analogical overextensions to…no? Gone too far? Oh, you get the point, right?

Anyway – these days, I don’t just talk to talk, I walk the walk. These days, I help people just like you by writing unignorable copy that’s guaranteed to land you an A* with your readers. Class dismissed.

2. “I know nothing!”

Unlike a copywriter who niches in a particular industry, I have the advantage of knowing nothing. This means I approach your copy as a complete novice – and if you ask me, that’s a good thing.

It means I don’t carry the risk of using industry-specific terms or alien acronyms that’ll leave your readers scratching their heads wondering what you mean.

Instead, they’ll be reading head-nodding copy that’s written by one novice for another.

3. Top 10 at Scrabble within a 5-mile radius. Probably.

Most copywriters will warn you not to play them at Scrabble. Given the most revolting tray of tiles, they’re still able to somehow fashion a word with ‘X’ landing on the triple letter score.

I’m no different. I have a thing about little square tiles and words in general. I’ve got an inherent knack for finding the right combination to smoke the competition. And by hiring me, we’ll smoke your competition, too.

My record Scrabble score: 462

What we do

The clock’s ticking. You’ve got 7 seconds to get your reader’s attention. How d’you do it? An interesting fact? A rhetorical question, perhaps? No time to think now. You’re losing them…hurry! 3 seconds. Quickly – say something. Anything. GONE!

Don’t take any chances. Leave your words with me and I’ll get them hooked from the get-go.

I can help you with website copy, blog posts, email marketing, product descriptions, brochure copy...basically, anything with words.

Who we do it for

I'm a generalist copywriter which means I write for anyone. Try me...