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The Serious Business of Stories

Once upon a time a wise man said, “there’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it”.

Okay, so that wise man was none other than Game of Thrones’ Halfman, Tyrion Lannister. But he had a point, right? Nothing is more compelling.

From the moment we make sense of words, we become hardwired to listen to stories. They serve to give greater meaning to our culture, our identity, our business.

Wait, what? Our business?

Yep. Stories are a killer marketing tool when it comes to business. And the best thing is – everyone has one, yet so many of us don’t realise their power.

They’re hidden anyway somewhere, camouflaged by a go-to bank of safe, corporate buzzwords we think better serve our business. But who really wants to listen to that same old noise? No one.

People want stories.

Your story doesn’t have to be the next War and Peace, either. Instead, start by telling us:

🤍What made you start your business?

🧡What makes you different?

🖤What’s your mission?

If you need a hand putting this into words, you know where I am.