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Be less Jimmy Gobson

Just as a peacock fans its feathers to get attention, some believe being the loudest, most self-centred voice in the room is the best way to get on people’s radar.

This is what I experienced as an English teacher in 2017. I had a class of 27 teenagers. Most of them would crack on with their work, but one would always make sure I’d earnt my wages.

Little Jimmy Gibson.

I called him Gobson. (Not to his face though, he was much bigger than me – despite the name!)

He’d never shut up. Every Wednesday he’d claim his throne at the back of the classroom before dominating the airwaves, polluting our ears with drizzle. EVERYTHING was about him.

“Oi, Chris! Guess who got the new limited edish Xbox yesterday? Me, of course.”

“Yo, Sir…SIR! Seen my latest Snapchat? 937 views already. Killin’ it!”

By Spring term, we’d all had enough of his bragging – especially Trendy Wendy (I’ll tell you about her another time).

She. Was. Livid.

As quick as I could turn my head from whatever I was scribbling on the whiteboard, she’d flown up from her seat, hurled some detention-worthy words at Jimmy, and marched out of the classroom, taking her flock of dedicated followers with her.

Lesson ruined. Cheers Gobson!

Anyway, you know where I’m going with this post…

If your copy only talks about you, your audience is far more likely to do a Trendy Wendy.

Instead, focus your copy on the reader. Address their needs and then show them why you’re the industry expert who can help.

Class dismissed.

PS. If you want to raise your Snapchat game, I might know someone who can help.