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Arke Agency Announced Winners at UK Social Media Awards 2022

Brighton-based agency Arke specialises in marketing with a strong focus on transparency. Now in its fifth year, it has amassed a number of clients around the UK from industries including higher education, film and entertainment, government, financial services and more. 

Having already won an award at the UK Search Awards 2021, the agency was named as a finalist in a huge four categories at the UK Social Media Awards 2022.

Arke Agency was announced as the winner of the ‘Best Low Budget Campaign’ at the awards ceremony on Thursday 8th September at a ceremony at Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel in London for their work on the ‘Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign’ alongside its client Brighton Chamber. This win now confirms the business's status as a multi-award-winning agency.

This award-winning campaign was a passion project for the agency, which had never before worked with such a limited budget and exceeded the expected outcomes of the campaign. Overall, the social media campaign generated 58 businesses to commit to increasing their wage bill - at the height of a pandemic, positively impacting an estimated 272 salaries and surpassing client expectations. 

Arke Agency Founder and Managing Director, Steph Noble said: “Wow, what an amazing accolade to win for our team! And, it means so much more that we were able to achieve these results for a campaign that means so much to us, alongside our wonderful client Brighton Chamber.

To us, this really shows the positive impact social media advertising can have and with the correct placement and optimising, you can achieve mind-blowing results. It means more to me than I can say to see our young agency become a multi-award winning team - a recognition they more than deserve.

Sarah Springford, Brighton Chambers CEO, commented: “We are thrilled to hear that Arke won this award! It is so wonderful that the team were rewarded for their hard work in getting such wonderful results for the Living Wage campaign.

For us, we hope that by winning this award, we can encourage even more businesses to sign up to be Living Wage employers, positively impacting the Brighton community and economy.

Find the full list of winners here. For more information about the campaign, take a look at the case study.