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Inv Group

Business Services, Consultancy, User Experience

Who we are

We are a UK-based enterprise technology group of companies focussing on delivering SaaS products and services at scale. We love open source, and are aligned to AWS from an infrastructure standpoint.

We are completely bootstrapped, and have offices in Woking, Newcastle and Dublin.

What we do

Inv Group is a group of companies transforming digital services in the UK for the public and private sectors. We have 4 main trading companies:

Invotra: an enterprise SaaS product that is used by 50% of UK civil servants across Home Office, DWP, DfT, HMRC and many local authorities for their internal communication needs,

Invuse: a professional services consultancy that specialises in user experience research, accessibility design and content services,

Invdev: a software development agency specialising in JavaScript (React & Node.js), Drupal and numerous AWS services, and

Inverifi: a SaaS startup aiming to disrupt the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) market by helping companies become more aligned and efficient in getting compliant.

Who we do it for

We deliver products and services primarily to large enterprises in the public sector.