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Career Change Myth Buster - Jo Murfin Coaching

If you could dispel myths about career change what would you be doing?

Career Change Myth Buster

1: Stay on the same career path all my life
Make choices that are right for you. The life and career choices that other people make may not be what you want and need for your future. Take some time to think outside your current life.

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2: Not experienced enough to apply for the job I want
Focus your time and energy on you, rather than comparing yourself to other people. You have a set of transferable skills and natural talents that you can highlight to a potential employer. Present yourself in a positive way on your CV or job application.

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3: It is too early to change career
You can change career at any age. Focus on your natural strengths and how you can build on the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained so far, for example through volunteering. Connect with new people and find out about what they do and what their unique talent is.

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4: Success means earning lots of money
The definition of a successful life or career can differ for each of us. Begin to notice what is important to you and what makes you happy. Learn about the environments that will enable you to shine, develop and thrive. Acknowledge what success looks like to you.

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5: Changing my job will lead to regret
To check that a career change is right for you, take your time. It is a journey. A key step is being honest with yourself about what you want and what you need in your life going forward.

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6: Over 50’s cannot change career
You can change career at any age. Refresh your CV and social media profiles to show how your knowledge, skills and experience can translate to something new. Include how the natural strengths you have used at home or in the workplace can be applied in a new setting.

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7: Stick with what I know even if it makes me unhappy
You can choose to include your wellbeing when considering your career. Rather than thinking about what you should do, reflect on what choices you have and what is within your control. Look after your mental wellbeing.

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8: Experience whilst working part-time is worth less
All your experience is valuable. The knowledge and skills you gained whilst working part-time are equal to that of someone working full-time. Build confidence in your abilities by reflecting on your successes and the strengths you used.

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9: Everyone knows how to write a good C.V. and job application
Not everyone has experience of applying for jobs, which is the reason there are a range of CV templates and ideas online. Refresh your CV regularly. Highlight your strengths and successes. Use positive language.

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10: No-one else gets nervous at interviews
Plenty of people feel nervous before and during interviews. Before you arrive take deep breaths to ground yourself. Remember your successes and your strengths. Be aware of your body language, smile and make eye contact. Pause and breathe before you answer a question.

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Career change is a journey

  • Be open, learn and grow as you discover new things.
  • Question your assumptions to dispel your myths.
  • Share your journey with someone else and explore ideas together to maintain motivation.

Take one small step today

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