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Love the Job You Have- Jo Murfin Coaching

Here are some quick ideas so you can begin to love the job you have.

Feel Appreciated

  1. Identify how you like to be recognised for your achievements.
  2. Create opportunities to give and receive feedback as a learning possibility.
  3. Get into a habit of weekly reflection on your successes and how you contributed to each.

Be Confident

  1. Name your top strengths and abilities as you highlight your weekly successes.
  2. Build strategies to maintain your self-belief and manage self-sabotage, such as perfectionism and feeling like an imposter.
  3. Present yourself in a positive way, so you are seen by others and included in new ideas and opportunities.

Feel Fulfilled

  1. Recognise what motivates you to work.
  2. Consider how to balance what you want and what you need in your job and in your life.
  3. Make one small change to your mindset to make a positive difference to how you feel about your job.

Be Inspired

  1. Choose three areas you would like to develop under the headings; knowledge, ability and self-belief.
  2. Improve your connections and relationships so you can identify opportunities to explore, learn and try new things.
  3. Establish one long term and one short term career goal and begin action on your development areas.

I was at an interesting point in my career, I gained a promotion and needed some additional support with this change. 

I am really pleased Jo coached me, she has a vibrancy and a kindness which helped me to be open and honest with her. 

During our sessions Jo used different resources which kept things fresh and enabled me to see the issues I was facing from different perspectives. 

As a result of coaching with Jo I now have a really strong and positive plan on how to develop my career. 

Laura, Hove


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