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Play to Your Strengths – it Feels Good and Gives you a Boost!

Recognise your strengths

A good start is to think about something in your life that has gone really well.  Write down what you did, what you enjoyed about it and how you contributed to the success.  

Can you name three of the strengths you used?

Daily reflection helps you to build a picture of your strengths.  Try repeating the same exercise at the end of each day. 

At the end of the week, see if you can spot your top three strengths.

Your strengths also show up in the ways you spend your time. 

Click here for a strengths activity


How does career coaching help?

Career coaching supports you to recognise your strengths and make better use of them.

Your strengths are a key part of the package you present if you want to:

Love the job you have

Get the job you want

Change your career to a new direction

Strengths-based career coaching focuses on what you can do.

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Playing to your strengths means you can love your work.

Love your work, love your life.