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Midis Group

Content Creation

Who we are

I'm an experienced Content Strategist with 25 years work creating award-winning journalism and online projects. I'm an NCTJ-trained journalist and editor and a former technology writer on the Daily Telegraph's Connected tech section, as well as the Doors section for the Sunday Times. Other work includes building up the 24 Hour Museum website, Britain's 'National Virtual Museum' in the 2000s, and founding Brighton Digital Festival in 2010 with some other Brighton scoundrels. I'm a fan of technologies that break open barriers - back in the day I was a mega-evangelist for RSS and an early fan of the semantic web. Today I'm keen on good journalism, effective management and new ways to decentralise the web for social and cultural good.

What we do

At Midis Group, from the waking of the Gulf region to the closing hours of business in Europe, I create day-to-day IT business and people news, working with a global network of contacts. The content goes live most days of the week in two languages using editorial workflows I developed, taking care to make sure everyone in the marketing and comms landscape has approved and signed off the words and pictures. I'm a cheerleader for both tech and people stories, and work all the time to help people around the Midis Group spot the good news that is always happening all around them. The Group website is essentially a brand building proposition, rather than an e-commerce site, so the key task is to develop stories that show the global reach of the Group, it's ethics and values, and introducing its people and their many skills.

Who we do it for

Midis Group, with headquarters in Beirut, has 50+ years of experience representing technology vendors in 70+ countries across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, a fact which ensures long-term exposure and growth. The Group leverages its expertise to introduce and scale global brands in emerging EMEA markets. By extending the benefits of it's financial strength to partners and customers, Midis Group has achieved a 12% compound annual growth for the past ten years, which was recognized by the World Economic Forum in 2006.

Many of the Group's markets are in volatile areas, so it also focuses on managing financial risk and building a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. With over 170 affiliates and partners across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and over 5000 employees, Midis Group is a solution for IT companies who want to connect with these fast-growing markets.