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Kinkajou Limited

Consultancy, Business Services, Project Management

Hi, It's Kinkajou Limited and We Would Love to Meet You.

Hello World!
It's been on my mind for years to start a company doing what I love. But it was never the right time, there was always some other adventure going on. My last two adventures; sabbatical with my man in a campervan for a year, followed by a Masters in Coaching/Positive Psychology during the pandemic, propelled me to start Kinkajou Limited.
🤷‍♀️ Why?
I gotta do what I love. Life is not a dress rehearsal.
❤ What do I love?
✓ supporting people and organisations be best version of themselves
✓ supporting Ieaders become the boss they always wanted
✓ delivering value in impactful and enjoyable ways
✓ my imperfection, as it drives experimentation, learning and continuous improvement
✓ creating digital solutions in agile ways with awesome teams
✓ helping people flourish
✓ continuous improvement
✓ collaborating in engaging ways

💾 What do I want to change?
✓ the lack of diversity in tech
✓ organisations into places where everyone thrives
✓ peoples' minds about what is possible

🐱‍👤 What we do
Check out the blurb on our shiny website

👏 Who we are
There are three of us with plans to grow.
🤝🏽 Partnerships
I love finding ways to deliver value with others. If you think we could be a good fit, connect here.
😉 Where does the name Kinkajou come from
Watching David Attenborough.

🙌 Say hello
I like meeting people. Every conversation I learn something.
💛💙We stand with Ukraine
There is not a day that goes by when my heart breaks for everyone impacted by the war. Here is a list of organisations plus initiatives from the tech and scientific communities to help the people of Ukraine. If Kinkajou can help, let us know.

Nancy x 

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