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Kinkajou Limited

Consultancy, Business Services, Project Management

Who we are

We are a boutique consultancy based out of Brighton and offer remote and onsite services. All services are available online and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Nancy, our founder has led diverse distributed global tech teams for most of her career and worked internationally for 16 years and held most roles in and around creating and leading product teams.

We love...

✓ supporting people and organisations be best version of themselves

✓ supporting Ieaders become the boss they always wanted

✓ delivering value in impactful and enjoyable ways

✓ imperfection, as it drives experimentation, learning and continuous improvement

✓ creating digital solutions in agile ways with awesome teams

✓ helping people flourish

✓ continuous improvement

✓ collaborating in engaging ways

💾 What do we want to change?

✓ the lack of diversity in tech

✓ organisations into places where everyone thrives

✓ peoples' minds about what is possible

What we do

Everyone can transform their lives, lead authentically, and thrive personally and professionally. Our work supports individuals and organizations to increase performance, engagement, well-being, growth, inclusive behaviours and increase diversity in tech companies.


-Group leadership programs -Team coaching programs -One-on-one coaching -Diversity in Tech Group programs


-Change Management -Agile process scale-out and evolution -Program management -Program governance


-Free IamRemarkable sessions for individuals and organisations

Who we do it for

We support start-ups and established organizations as well as individuals. We also have a pay it forward principle so if you are early in your tech career then reach out for our pro-bono or pay what you can options.