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2D/3D Animation

Who I am

My name is Henry McLaughlin, a British freelance Storyboard, and Concept Artist. Currently looking for work.

What I do

My main focus of interest within the industry is storyboarding and concept art, colour scripting.

I have learnt to use technical software such as Photoshop, Storyboard-Pro, Harmony and Premiere-Pro with confidence to bring ideas to life within production schedules.

My team’s graduation film, ‘Checkpoint’, was premiered at the British Film Institute in July 2021and Dumbo Film Festival 2022.

Since qualifying I have been collaborating on an animated film about the American artist Albert Pinkham Ryder, ‘Painting in Darkness’.

Who I do it for

Currently I am looking for work. I have my own work station at home so am able to work remotely.

I am however willing to move location for work, and would be excited by the opportunities that would present.

Can work Freelance or within a studio.