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Business Services, e-Learning

Who we are

Thriiver is a learning and development provider based in Cuckfield, West Sussex. We specialise in disability, neurodiversity, health and wellbeing.

Our diversity-driven learning programmes build confident and engaged individuals, cohesive and motivated teams, and deliver growth for organisations.

We are experts at developing programmes which remove barriers, boost confidence and enable communication for all.

What we do

Our comprehensive catalogue of learning opportunities is complemented by over 25 years’ experience providing workplace assessments, strategy coaching and assistive technology solutions all backed by both technical and customer support. Our team includes a UK network of qualified and experienced trainers, assessors', coaches and our programmes are directed by a chartered occupational psychologist.

Discovery tools:

• Disability/neurodiversity/health awareness programmes, general and specific conditions/disabilities. E.g. Dyslexia, Menopause etc

• Employee or manager Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aider

• Workplace needs assessments

• Neurodiversity screening

Communication tools and support

• Assistive technology

• Technical support

Training and coaching/co-coaching:

• Assistive Technology hardware and software

• Communication, confidence and workplace strategy

Who we do it for

Thriiver will support any organisation who wishes to embrace diversity and develop an inclusive workplace culture.