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Brantford Fox

Business Services, Consultancy

Free Business Strategy Sessions for Wired Sussex Members

I'm very pleased to be partnering with Wired Sussex to offer a limited number of contact sessions at The Fusebox (or virtually) exclusively for Wired Sussex members.

You can use the hour-long, bookable sessions to discuss any areas that are relevant and useful to you, such as: your current business model, trading concerns, operating environment and strategic planning.

In the current business climate we have a difficult balancing act in our sector of a downturn in economic optimism, a tightening in availability/affordability fo finance, with the need to remain poised to take advantage of growth opportunities and to remain relevant and competitive.

This balance is at the heart of strategic planning in turbulent times: resiliance, relevance and readiness. I hope these sessions can help by offering a structured discussion around some of these aspects with you!

Please do take advantage of this Wired Sussex offer - there are no down-sides! Sessions details and booking can be made via this link: