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Who we are

NOCTURN creates thought-provoking, darkly cinematic, alternate worlds from firmly fixed foundations in the here & now.

What we do




Involving and affecting local communities and/or other professionals in his work, people’s lived experiences are right at the heart of the NOCTURN creative process.

Our themes often investigate the effect modern technology can have on our lives, explorIng our dependencies and the impact on wider society. We create work that asks individuals and groups to use the very subject of our intrigue, such as their mobile devices, favourite social media or other omnipresent technology. It’s all about being:

upbeat with serious questions;

online and part of your daily life;

accessible to all, often free, always fun.

Who we do it for

Formed in 2007 by John Darvell, the company has consistently spearheaded an alternative approach to accessible dance through the combined use of film, social media, multimedia storytelling and live installation performances.

We’re not fans of technological gimmickry. For us, the technology we all use every day is manipulated for our innovative approach to storytelling. Our goal is to get you involved in an experience without particularly noticing it's actually all about dance or movement.

Inclusivity underpins NOCTURN’s ethos. Indeed, there are three main subject areas we deal with in addition to our social commentary on modern technology:




We advocate for adult dance as an underrepresented sector;

Our artistic provocations explore and foster a healthy attitude to our mental well being;

As part of the LGBT+ community, we promote our heritage and ongoing campaigns for full social and health equality.