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Greene House Creative


Who I am

I have over 10 year experience of growing brands and have become best known for my ability to approach brand strategy holistically whilst at the same time become detail oriented and use my creative skills to produce the work side by side. This has been helped by my experience working across brand comms, PR, content, social and events/experiential.

I was named as In-House Marketer of the Year at the Travel Marketing Awards in 2018 when working at Lonely Planet and then moved over to Direct Line Group to help drive year-on-year growth of the Green Flag brand.

I founded Greene House Creative so that I could use my experience from industry-leading brands to help small brands and startups to create the same impact and growth using a little creativity and some imaginative storytelling.

What I do

Greene House Creative helps to craft your strategy around your brand story. Your brand story should drive everything you do and so we can build your brand guidelines, tone of voice and your content to ensure the strength and impact of your brand.

Specialising in crafting your brand and telling your story through content, I can help bring to life your ambitions through communicating who you are to your customers, building trust and loyalty and driving growth for your business. This can be done through all of your customer touchpoints, from your website and blog to social media and even printed material.

Who I do it for

My purpose for Greene House Creative is to help small brands and startups find their own voice and brand personality through shaping their brand strategy and building their content strategy. I believe that it is essential for brands to sculpt and build their brand story and use thoughtful and inspiring content to shape who they are and lead everything that the brand does to enable them to grow.