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East Sussex-based Specialist Firm TDS Ultra Appoints New Managing Director

Paul who has been managing director of Modul-System since 2016 is well used to global positions and will have full responsibility for TDS Ultra’s P&L. He will be joining Sussex based TDS Ultra in the new year and leading a team of operational, technical, finance and sales professionals. Having left Modul-Sytem to take on a new challenge Paul is looking forward to this January. A new year that will see in a highly exciting and brand new outlook for the Cotswolds based, former racing driver. Citing “Hard work and determination” as the key to his success Paul has always been incredibly self motivated. His love for and ultimately early career in motorsport is impressive. He suggests his strengths are that he is “empowering, persuasive and a strong communicator”

Paul’s experience of change management and transformation including acquisition support will be essential to the growth of TDS Ultra. His track record of successful sales tender bids is exemplary. Winning accounts like Amazon & Leaseplan for previous firms Paul was also instrumental in establishing Modul-Connect products. These were focused on providing user functionality and real time vehicle data. Something that TDS Ultra have taken to another level. His new role will focus around pricing, operational efficiencies and margins. He will be responsible for large corporate clients such as SSE, and SGN. Drawing on his experience with dealing blue chips such as Western Power, Lex Autolease and ISS his focus will be on project delivery and new business. Managing a team of dedicated staff and joining Founder Chris Stone and CTO John Stean Paul will be responsible for on-boarding a selection of large cooperate clients. There will be an ongoing focus on business growth and Paul will offer his wealth of experience to help support the sales division. The role will include overseeing purchasing, technical administration and logistical planning. CEO Chris is genuinely delighted to have Paul joining the team having worked closely with him when Paul was at Modul-System

TDS Ultra’s foundation is built in tech. Their software engineering team have worked extensively on large implementations and programme deployment. Like new boss Paul they understand how recently innovated technology now offers dynamic solution building. Their senior team have over 20 years of experience within the fleet industry and have innovation at their core. The innovators and technicians at TDS Ultra can have a seismic, strategic impact on how fleets operate. These turn key solutions were founded and derived from ‘good old fashioned’ accountancy. TDS Ultra utilise financial data to break down the detail and provide a clean insight into true costs by individual departments.

The Southwick, Nr Brighton based firm has grown exponentially. They have developed a comprehensive range of clients including SSE who recently stated what engaging with TDS Ultra has meant to them “Driving events have fallen from 23 per thousand miles to 17.6 in just a few months; it means that employees have travelled 2.4 million miles more safely in that time.”