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Apex Auctions

Business Services

Who we are

Apex Auctions is a leading seller of used CNC and manual machine tools. Using our global network of dealers, we can help you buy and sell industrial machinery of all makes, models and sizes.

What we do

Headquartered in Brighton (UK) with offices across Europe, the USA, Canada, India, South Africa, China, and Hong Kong, our expert agents and valuation team span the major industrial areas of the world. Specialists in implementing asset management programmes worldwide, we can efficiently and effectively help you take control of your industrial machinery and equipment today.

Who we do it for

We’ve helped to streamline the asset management programmes for some of the world’s largest companies from an array of different industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, commercial, defence, energy, oil & gas, mining, food processing, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, bank, finance, asset-based lenders, industrial manufacturing, technology & electronics, and printing.