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Design & Branding

Who we are

Palmer&Co. is run by Ruth & Richard Palmer. We built a startup called D3O, a revolutionary material used in extreme sports that is soft and flexible then on impact stiffens to absorb shock. Richard won many awards along the way including O2 Entrepreneur of the year and more recently he was a finalist for the EPO's European Inventor Award. Since d3o Ruth has worked with many startups to help them define and bring to life their brands through brand strategy and design.

What we do

We help founders and marketers build magnetic brands through Minimum Viable Branding tools, inspiration & education & consultancy. We believe in empowering founders and marketers with the information and tools they need to build their brands themselves from the inside out. We do this through selling digital tools that help them define their purpose, mission, vision, positioning, prototype their visual and verbal style and build a plan of brand activation to bring those ideas to life.

Who we do it for

Our clients are mainly founders or marketers inside startups who understand the value of brand to accelerate their business but are not at the stage where they can hire an agency. We actually believe it's far more powerful to define your brand yourselves in an early stage rather than hand this off to an agency, but you need the right tools to do that.