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Brighton Java: "Stupid Java"

Wed 28 Aug 2019
The Skiff, Brighton

About the event

An evening devoted to Java quirks. You know, the sort of things that usually only turn up in badly-planned technical interviews. We'll see who can guess the way bits of code behave, and look at what the samples tell us about the language and the JVM. We'll also have short spots for anyone who has horror stories of bugs they've seen in the wild. You'll come out of this session with some deep Java knowledge that has no practical application. Although we will also have a brief look at what's coming in Java 12, which *will* be useful.

The session is aimed at beginner to intermediate developers (experts are welcome too, but you might need to help us explain things). If you have any questions, please get in touch.

If no spaces are available, please add yourself to the waitlist as we might be able to move to a larger venue.

We are currently looking for sponsors for this event. If your company is interested, please get in touch.

This is an interactive session which will be run by James Burt from RiddleFox software.