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Practical Uses of Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Tue 15 Oct 2019
Hove Town Hall, Hove

About the event

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR) are quickly establishing themselves as pillars of modern technology.

With the market for XR projected to be worth $60 Billion by 2023, brands and business from all industries looking to create rich experiences that really spark a sense of magic for their customers.

In just a few years of maturity, we are already seeing serious applications in education, training, health & beauty, building sector, immersive medical treatment and the travel sector.

Join us this evening, where we will connect you with people that are actually making this happen.

Sharing their experience, learnings and outlook on the future of this exciting new industry and helping you understand where XR can be delivered with practical value within your business.

Keynote Speaker - David Sime: David Sime has been in digital media for over 19 years. Specialising in Augmented and Virtual Reality he lectures for Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing all over the world whole directing the multi award winning AR/VR team at Oncor Reality.

Guest Speaker - Liam Sorta: Liam has a rich, diverse background in game development and emerging tech, having won numerous awards for his XR work and being recognised as an Amazon Subject Matter Expert + Alexa Champion. Previously delivering tech-talks to thousands of engineers around the world, Liam now looks to use his background to build experiences that truly surpass expectations.

Guest Speaker - Arik Freeman: Arik’s ability to absorb challenging concepts has credited him with exposure to the depths of many industry's and an appreciation for enthusiasm and creativity. Arik specialises in the building and deployment of bespoke “fit for purpose” scalable digital solutions, manifesting the thinkable into reality.