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Business Model Canvas with Lego

Tue 03 Sep 2019
The Projects, Brighton

About the event

After a rather long summer break, the Lego Serious Play meetup will be back on the 3rd of September.

In our usual fashion, we are going to explore how Lego bricks can help you build abstract challenging ideas like business models. During the last decade business models have come to the forefront not only of management practice but also innovation practices as they are considered paramount for building innovative companies. Business Model Canvas is a tool that facilitates brainstorming and aims at enabling breakthrough ideas to come to life. 

During this meetup, we are going to explore elements of the Business Model Canvas to help you crystallise your new (or not so new but still not implemented) ideas for a new business, product or service and also ideas around restructuring and reorganising your existing business, product or service.

So! If you want to do more work on a new business idea or you wish to innovate and change your existing business come along and let's build some Lego! If you are part of a social enterprise or non-profit don't hesitate to join us, the exercises apply to any organisation. 

Please make sure that you are able to attend the meetup as the space is limited, By its nature Lego Serious Play takes up a lot of space and this particular workshops needs even more space than usually so if you sign up and find out you can't make it, let me know! 

A big thank you to GAMIFICATION+ for sponsoring soft drinks and some beer for us! 

Looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd of September! Vasilis