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Brighton Immersive Show & Tell

Wed 25 Sep 2019
17:00 - 20:00
The Fusebox, Brighton

About the event

Our Immersive Show and Tells offer you the chance to get hands-on and try a number of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences being produced in the local area, as well as meet and network with their creators and other immersive innovators.

The Immersive Show and Tells are designed to be a chance for the community to showcase what they are working on and encourage valuable conversations between creatives. If you are looking to understand what the local community is producing, this is the event for you.

**If you or your company are interested in demonstrating your work to the community, this event provides a fantastic opportunity for valuable user testing and feedback. Please send an email to to register your interest**

Event Running Order:

6:00pm - Event Starts

6:20pm - Open mic to introduce demos

6:30pm - Demos begin

7:30pm - Casual networking

8:30pm - Close