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The Hacker Lab

Thu 30 Jan 2020
18:00 - 22:30
North Laine Brewhouse, Brighton

About the event

This is a group for hackers in the local area to meet, undertake bug bounties, Hack the Box, partake in our lab with various machines and of course have a beer or two.

We aim to provide a friendly environment to facilitate knowledge sharing, learning and making new connections with the Brighton hacking community.

If you are interested in the following this is the event for you:

- Bug Bounties
- Infosec career advice
- Capture the flag
- Ethical Hacking
- Programming
- Wifi Hacking


Active Directory - Hosted by Jordan & Brandyn

This lab is a network of domain connected machines to showcase some of the typical exploits, privilege escalation techniques & lateral movement opportunities.

There are 9 machines in total from XP to Windows Server 2016.

There are also multiple other machines available to hack into.


We encourage all our members to sign up for an account on Hack The Box prior to the meetup and work through the challenges together.

You can register an account at the following URL.

There will be internet available via the host's Wifi network.

Make sure your laptop is charged prior to the event, as there may not be many power points available.

Ideally, tether to your mobile for internet and have a separate WiFi card (Alfa Network AWUS036ACH is a good option) for the lab if you want to partake.

If you don't have a hacking distro installed there will be a machine available for you via ssh on the lab network.

We look forward to meeting you.

Any questions email