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Sat 12 Oct 2019
Lock In Gallery, Hove

About the event

When we use social media on our smartphones, are we looking at each other or are we looking at ourselves?

Within each of the LOOP devices will be an infinite reflection of the other.

Within each of us is the opportunity for an infinite reflection of each other.

LOOP challenges the idea that creating an immersive digital installation requires expensive specialist equipment, and years of tech experience.

The tools are right here in our hands. We can create something beautiful to look at using fairly simple technology.

This exhibition will run from 12th October to 25th October.


My name is Kate.

I am a queer, neuro-divergent artist making work about the body/my body- often incorporating digital technology.

I want to take the body out of the equation, and make something that sidesteps the usual ‘smart phones are making us terrible’ rhetoric, and make something beautiful to look at, using simple and familiar technology.

This event is for one/two people at a time, and is aimed particularly at the neurodiverse community.