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DRIVA Arts DRIVA: Desire Lines

Sat 12 Oct 2019
University of Brighton, Brighton

About the event

Desire Line (n): a path that pedestrians take informally, rather than taking a pavement or set route; e.g. a well-worn ribbon of dirt that one sees cutting across a patch of grass.

Desire lines are the marks of human individuality. They challenge the official view of the world. They represent the road most travelled rather than the designated route.

This group exhibition explores the use of data by artists to reveal hidden infrastructures, create worlds and drive behaviour.

Desire Lines is part of the DRIVA project at the University of Brighton.

Credit - Chronus Arts Centre: "Open Codes. Connected Bots" by Nye Thompson

This event is for anyone interested in digital arts in general and artists using data as a medium. The exhibition runs until 25th October.