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Web Dev Meetup: Realising Value and Angular DevOps Hints and Tips

Thu 26 Sep 2019
The Skiff, Brighton

About the event

Tonight we are going to have two talks:

Talk One:

"How to realise the value in what you Develop AND explain that to your employer or clients" - By Dominic Mason

Every business is now a technology and data business, even if they don't realise it yet. At the core of every business is an engine of various technologies that Developers keep running. We intrinsically know the value of that and yet... Developers still struggle to explain that to clients, business owners and investors.

So, how do we explain the value in what we build and maintain to people that don't 'speak geek', therefore securing project and role security for ourselves?

Dominic Mason, is a business and technology strategy consultant to companies of all sizes. Currently, he's trying to tame 49 ERPs (yes, 49) in a global manufacturing business, as well as helping scale a cyber-security startup.

Talk Two:

"Angular DevOps Hints and Tips" - Jon Baggaley

A demonstration of using Angular and Azure DevOps based on Recent Project Experiences. Working as part of a small team on a greenfield project I have helped define and set up processes and the architecture for an Azure based financial system using an Angular 7 front end (incl. NGXS & RxJS) and restful WebApi backend written in .netCore2.2. It also uses Azure Functions as microservices which tie into our B2C security model.

I will be showing some useful DevOps tips when implementing complex JavaScript applications (in this case Angular 7). This talk will demo code and DevOps tools to help implement this and should have useful advice and ideas for junior through to senior web developers.

Jon is a Lead Developer / Architect for a Financial Services Company and has many years of experience as a Full-stack web developer.

The doors will open as usual at The Skiff at 6:30pm and the talks will start at 7pm.

We will be having Soft drinks, Beers and Pizzas during the half-time break as usual.

Hope to see you there.