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Async Winter Party

Sun 08 Dec 2019
18:30 - 21:30
GOVR, Brighton

About the event

Welcome to the Async Winter party!

We will be trying something a bit different, and having fun at the GOVR cafe in Brighton. There will be space for 20 attendees for this section of the party, but then afterwards (6.30pm onwards) we'll be having drinks in Presuming Ed's downstairs, and all are welcome to join for that.

The criterion for the VR experience is simply that you must have attended Async at least once in the past.

Drinks and food (not included in the sponsorship) are served by Presuming Ed's bar from the ground floor below us. You're welcome to bring drinks purchased downstairs from Presuming Ed into the VR space upstairs but please note that drinks and food cannot be brought in from outside the building. The bar serves hot drinks, sodas and juices. Food includes sandwiches, pastries and a full hot menu served by Tropical Sushi, the resident kitchen, but if you want food from there please email by WEDNESDAY 4th DEC.

The VR party is kindly sponsored by Postmark. You can get a free 3 month trial here:, use code ASYNC. It's genuinely a brilliant email service so give it a try.