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Angular Unit Testing Observables, Jest VS Jasmine and SSR

Wed 18 Sep 2019
18:00 - 20:00
The Skiff, Brighton

About the event

Hi there Angularians,

It's time for another Angular meet up!

We're going to talk about Angular unit testing Observables, including NgRx effects. This can be a tricky subject, so we'll start small and build up to it. If you're new to unit testing, there'll be something in there for you too.

We'll also evaluate the benefits of Jest vs Jasmine. Do you have a view on either testing framework? We'd like to hear it.

And finally we'll be briefly going over Server Side Rendering (SSR) which allows you to make your Angular app much more Google friendly by pre-rendering the first page of your app.

Hope you can make it.›