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.NET South East - Pulumi: Cloud Infrastructure with C# and F#

Tue 11 Feb 2020
Madgex Ltd, Brighton

About the event

.NET South East is a new .NET / C# user group looking to build a vibrant .NET community in the south east of the UK.

Please arrive between 6:00pm and 6:25pm. Talks will start at 6:30pm. Once the talks are underway we may not be able to guarantee access.

🎤 Pulumi: Cloud Infrastructure with C# and F#

Modern cloud platforms offer amazing capabilities for application developers. However, cloud services are hard to manage without employing Infrastructure as Code tools for automation.

Traditional tools like CloudFormation, ARM templates, and Terraform use text-based formats, which tend to be tedious, repetitive, and cumbersome to reuse.

What if instead of configuration files, you could use your favourite programming languages like C# and F#? In this talk, Mikhail will introduce you to Pulumi, which uses actual code to manage infrastructure! See how you can bring your developer tools like code completion, types, components, and abstractions to cloud infrastructure definition.

👩‍💻 About Mikhail:

Mikhail Shilkov is a software developer at Pulumi, enabling developers and operators to work better together. Mikhail is a Microsoft Azure MVP, a Russian expat living in the Netherlands. He is passionate about the serverless mindset, leveraging the full variety of managed cloud services, and handling cloud infrastructure as code.