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Tech for Meaning: Putting Responsible Tech at the heart of our organisations

Tue 12 Nov 2019
Clearfelt, Brighton

About the event

What if we were all a bit ‘better’ in how we used the internet and tech? What would ‘Fair Trade’ for tech look like? And what role for 21st century businesses and civil society organisations in ensuring tech is more ethical and drives real positive change?

This special ‘Meaning Conference Fringe’ Tech for Good event aims to explore how we can put positive ‘meaning’ back into tech.

With Big Tech companies taking over both our private lives and workspaces, questions around trust, privacy and ethics have become all too common. The ‘techlash’ offers opportunities for emerging technologies to be designed in a more transparent and inclusive way. It also provides an incentive for both 21st century businesses and civil society organisations to ensure digital tech is used more ethically and drives real positive change.

There will be talks from:
- Hannah Kitcher, Communications Manager, Doteveryone 
Doteveryone is the responsible technology think tank. They research how technology is changing society, create products and prototypes that show what responsible technology looks like, and catalyse communities to create change. Hannah is responsible for increasing awareness of responsible technology and for championing this important work across sectors.

- Jenni Lloyd, Senior Programme Manager, Government Innovation, Nesta 
Nesta is UK’s Innovation Foundation. Jenni runs the ShareLab Fund which has a mission to grow evidence and understanding of how collaborative digital platforms can deliver social impact. Prior to Nesta, Jenni founded PurposeLab - an experimental consultancy designed to explore purposeful work.

- Finn Brownbill, Mojeek
Mojeek’s vision it to be the world's alternative search engine; a search engine that does what's right, that values and respects your privacy, whilst providing its own unique and unbiased search results. Finn is responsible for the marketing and communications side of Mojeek and will be talking about the need for genuine alternative search engines like Mojeek which do things differently and most importantly, put the people who use them first.

We’ll get some reactions from leading ‘tech for good’ advocates the tech/business sector including:
- Ellie Hale, Communities Lead, Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST)
- Rich Denyer-Bewick, Operations Director, Citizens Online 
- Phil Jones, CEO, Wired Sussex

And we want to hear from you too in our community shout-outs – not to forget the usual drinks, tunes and informal networking!

This event is part of Meaning Fringe, a week of events and opportunities to learn, share and laugh with fellow travellers on the road to better business. At the heart of Meaning Fringe is progressive business conference Meaning happening on 14 November at Brighton Dome. Meaning is the unmissable event for people who believe that business has a critical role to play in addressing the challenges of our time.