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Hidden Paths

Wed 16 Oct 2019
ONCA Gallery, Brighton

About the event

Have you noticed the future feels an increasingly scary place lately? The crises we face, from climate change to mental health to our political systems are not unconnected. The personal struggles you face may also be connected to the need to change the system. Banners on school climate strikes increasingly call for 'system change not climate change' but what might that even mean? Are there really no alternatives?

Hidden Paths is a unique art exhibition from the Brighton based System Change Hive project - where a mix of young and established artists worked with input from sustainability experts and virtual reality technologists to imagine and explore how life in alternative, sustainable, and socially just systems might unfold, and the barriers to opening up these pathways.

Featuring visual and sound art as well as an interactive virtual reality experience, the show is an informative and thought provoking response to some of the most pressing issues of our moment.

The use of digital technology to help decolonise your imagination, to help you explore pathways into more positive, sustainable futures is an important reclaiming of the virtual reality (VR). As an increasingly pervasive medium, how can VR be used as a tool for reconstructing brighter futures that are not technology centered, but instead imply inspiring new relationships with nature, with economy, with each other, and of course with new technology.

Collage image: artwork details by System Change Hive artists

This event is for primarily adult audiences of all ages. For anyone who is concerned, fearful, optimistic or curious about how the future might unfold, and interested to learn about possibilities for alternatives. Also of interest to anyone interested in new uses of virtual reality technology, and in environmental issues.

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