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Wed 01 Apr 2020
19:00 - 20:30
Online, Brighton

About the event

We are going to be holding PHPSussex remotely on April 1st due to current events (no this isn't an early April Fool's Day joke!). If you sign up with your email here, we'll send a Zoom link out to join.

This could be great! We'll have time for chatting and the like as well and hope to see you there.

We've got two talks lined up for April:

Arik Freeman

Arik Freeman describes himself as a software veteran, hardware enthusiast and tech solution opportunist! He is the Lead Software Solutions at Architect Automation Squared. He will be delivering his talk on 'Rapid Product Prototyping - How to build MVPs'.

MVP-focused, we'll step through the process of looking at a specification, identifying essential components, consider various tech stacks and put fingers on keyboards. We'll also cover contingency strategies and how to balance expectations with delivery.

Mike Street

Mike is CTO and lead developer for Brighton-based agency Liquid Light. Building large-scale websites for NGOs and the financial sector, Liquid Light relies on the enterprise open-source CMS TYPO3 for most of their websites. He'll be giving his talk on, 'Digital bucket list for people in the web'

We spend so much time with our heads down, doing our day job that we sometimes forget to look up, look around and explore the other technologies around us - even for 5 minutes.

I'm a big believer in learning through experiments and, throughout my career, I have drawn on side-projects, hack sessions, quick bodges and Codepens to improve my workflows and confidence in writing code. I use any opportunity to create a small tool or widget - even if it will only be used once and my general "digital knowledge" is all the better for it.

This talk is about encouraging people to explore beyond the restraints of their job and includes several items to add to their "bucket list". Things that everyone should do, which will help them expand their awareness of the technologies around them.

We'll kick-off at 7pm with the talks and opportunities for questions, answers and chat.

Hope to see you there!