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Is This Real Life or Is This Just a Fantasy?

Sun 13 Oct 2019
3 Hanningtons Lane, Brighton

About the event

As part of Brighton Digital Festival, the city’s hub for emerging technologies, The FuseBox, is setting up camp at 3 Hanningtons Lane for a week of hands-on experiences and talks about new technologies, society and you. Every day there's something different to experience and learn about!


How might we make virtual worlds feel real, and what is real anyway? On Sunday 13th October, experience an immersive virtual world especially designed by the renowned Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science that tries to help answer that question.


How do we perceive something as being ‘real’ when our perception of reality is not a direct reflection of the external world?

Take part in a range of fun, interactive, Virtual Reality experiences which, together, explore how our sense of ‘reality’ is constructed.

EVENING TALK (4pm - 5pm)

Hear all about the Sackler Centre’s groundbreaking work on how we think and the nature of reality.

Come along to this event if you: are interested in making virtual experiences more real, the ways that the mind works, psychology, immersive experiences or Virtual Reality.

The evening talk is now sold out. Please join the waiting list and we will notify you if any tickets become available.

This day of activity is supported by the University of Sussex.